Frequent questions

Get to know the most usual questions of our clients.

How can I hire the service?

Recruitment can be done through our website, by calling the contact number indicated, or by sending us the information through email.

In what term is the transfer made?

The hiring can be done for an economic term, medium term or urgent term, with variations in the price depending on the urgency of the transfer. Although, the terms of the transfer include working days, excluding weekends and holidays.

However, the availability of the client is necessary during the whole transfer, since limitations in the term can suppose delays in the same one.

How to pay for the service? Can the payment be made once the transfer is completed?

The methods of payment that we have are: bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. However, the payment must be made prior to the start of the transfer, not being possible to pay it once the vehicle is received. In this way, once the service payment is made, the contracted term is activated.

What is the VAT applied? Are transfers to the Canary Islands and international transfers subject to VAT?

The VAT that is applied is 21%. In the case of transfers to the Canary Islands, VAT is applied to the land transfer in Peninsula, including additionally the taxes that Customs indicate that correspond to the entry and exit of the island.

On the other hand, regarding international transfers, they are subject to 21% VAT, unless the client is exempt from paying this tax, in which case a document certifying the exemption is necessary.

What is the requested availability day?

The day of availability of the vehicle indicates the day on which the transfer period begins, and the vehicle must be fully available for collection from that moment.

Is it possible that they pick up the vehicle on the first day?

From the moment in which the service is activated, or from the day on which the availability of the vehicle is indicated, the vehicle can be picked up and delivered any day of the term. For this reason, it is necessary that the contact person, as well as the vehicle to be moved, be available during the indicated period

In the case of transfers to the Canary Islands, is it necessary to pay some kind of tax?

In the case of transfers to the Canary Islands it is necessary to previously consult with Customs the payment of taxes of the vehicle to be moved, since the payment of the same varies according to the purpose of the transfer. To make this query is necessary to know if it is a purchase or a change of residence, and send us some documentation, requested by Customs, depending on the purpose of transfer

With what type of crane do the vehicles move?

The vehicles are transported in large vehicle transport trucks, the transfers being carried out in grouped loads, with an open truck.

Does the documentation have to go in the vehicle?

It is not necessary to document the vehicle to make the transfer, although it is convenient to go inside it, or in its absence a copy, so that the vehicle is documented and identified at all times during the transfer

In case the state of the vehicle does not coincide with the contracted one, can it suppose an increase in the cost of the same one?

In case the vehicle is not in the conditions indicated in the contract, and some auxiliary help is needed to carry out the loading or unloading, the cost of this aid must be borne by the customer, initiating the transfer period once paid this supplement

Where is the vehicle to be moved picked up and delivered?

At the time the service is registered it is necessary to indicate the exact address of collection and delivery. However, the places have to be accessible for large vehicle carriers with which we work

What happens if the place of collection or delivery is not accessible?

In case the place of collection or delivery is not accessible, the client must provide an alternative accessible place for the type of truck with which we work

What happens if the place is not accessible and it is not possible to move the vehicle to another place that is?

In case the place of collection or delivery are not accessible and the client can not move to another that is, it will be necessary to hire a unit crane, this cost being borne by the customer. Or, indicate a crane base near the place of delivery indicated to deposit the vehicle, assuming the client the possible costs that this base generates for the deposit and stay of the vehicle

How do I know if the place is accessible?

Pick-up and drop-off locations should be large places, so that the truck can maneuver for the loading and unloading of vehicles. Likewise, they must be legally accessible, not being possible to collect and deliver one-way streets, or those that are difficult to access. Some examples of accessible places are: large industrial parks, esplanades, vehicle fields, large gas stations, large shopping centers, among others.

Do you have any base where you can deposit the vehicle until it is collected?

The place of collection must be provided by the customer, so if you need a base where to deposit the vehicle, it must be managed by the customer, providing us with the address of the same so that we can make the collection in that place

When the service is contracted, when do they pick it up?

Since the service is contracted and paid, the term of the contracted transfer is opened, within which the colleagues who carry out the service define the route with the rest of the charges and downloads and contact the indicated person to inform them when it will take place. the collection and delivery of the vehicle.

When will I have the car at destination?

The collection and delivery of the vehicle is made, being possible to arrive at any destination within that period

Is it necessary to send authorization for the collection of the vehicle?

The customer must verify if authorization is necessary at the place where the vehicle is collected. If this is the case, the client must notify Eurotransportcar who tells him which companions will make the transfer and that the authorization goes to his name.

Also, in case it is necessary to release the vehicle, it must be released from the beginning of the term, so that at any time it can be collected without inconvenience.

In case of picking up the vehicle and not being authorized or released, the expenses incurred will be borne by the customer.

Do you let me know before you go? How much advance notice?

In most cases, you are notified a few hours in advance both for pick-up and delivery, and confirm that the vehicle is available, as well as the contact person. However, the advance notice of said notice varies depending on the availability for the load

What happens if it is not possible to contact the contact person indicated for the collection?

In case of not being able to contact the indicated contact, it would be necessary to postpone the transfer until locating the indicated contact person. In this case, it is possible that the transfer is delayed with respect to the initial planned date, since the comrades who carry out the transfer must reorganize the route

What happens if I can not contact the delivery?

In case it is not possible to contact the indicated telephone number of the delivery, and there is a problem for the unloading of the vehicle (place not accessible, negative at the place of delivery to receive the vehicle, or else the same person of collection is the delivery and is not in the place of delivery, among others), it will be necessary to deposit the vehicle in some crane base near the place of delivery. In this case, the expenses of deposit or custody of this vehicle must be borne by the customer, as well as the cost of the crane in case of needing to take it to the destination.

Can objects or luggage go inside the vehicle?

El vehículo no tendrá en su interior objetos o enseres personales, ni piezas sueltas del propio vehículo. Estos objetos o equipaje no están asegurados frente a pérdida o daño.

Can I travel with the vehicle?

The transfer is made only of the vehicles, not being possible the transfer of vehicles with passengers

If it is necessary to make any previous management to the transfer of the vehicle, or to make any pending payment, is it possible that it is carried out by the driver who makes the transfer?

The contracting of the service includes the transfer of the vehicle from the origin to the indicated destination, not being possible to make cash payments in the collection, or administrative procedures for the withdrawal or delivery of the vehicle. These arrangements must be made before starting the transfer.

Is the vehicle insured during the journey?

We have a basic insurance that covers any damage or damage that occurs during the transfer in the vehicle to be moved. It is also possible to take out additional insurance, with coverage of up to € 80,000.

However, objects or luggage that go inside would not be insured.

If the vehicle suffers any damage, how should I proceed?

In case the vehicle has arrived with any damage to the place of destination, it is necessary to send both photographs of the damage claimed, as well as the claim in writing to the Eurotransportcar mail, thus opening the relevant claim.

In the case of transport that includes insular transport, if the vehicle is collected in port, it is necessary that the client verify if it has damages before removing the vehicle from the facilities of the shipping company and, in case of appreciating any damage to the vehicle , file the claim directly with the shipping company.

If there is any delay in the initial period indicated, is the amount reimbursed?

The period indicated in the transfer is susceptible, in some cases, to slight variations with respect to the initial term indicated. These variations can be caused either by reasons of availability of the customer or the vehicle, or by external factors or referring to the logistics of the transfer, such as traffic jams, breakdowns or accidents of the truck, increase in the volume of vehicles to be moved, among others.

In these cases, the return of the transport amount is not made.

If finally it is not necessary to carry out the transfer, do they refund the full amount?

If the transfer has been started and canceled, it is necessary to check the status in which the transfer is found, thus determining the amount to be returned, since it would be necessary to discount the expenses incurred by the activation or displacement